Sales and Changes at Angel Fae

We will start with the sales. Sorrell has her bikinis up for 50L each, even the ones with the sarongs.  Here’s a peek at three of them. They are in mesh by made for mesh and classic avatars.

Blush Bikini

Pretty Pink String Bikini

In addition to Pink, there are Lemon, Lavender and Blue bikinis. More colors to come.

Golden Beauty Skirted Bikini

Some locations remain the same. Some have closed. Old World Designs closed. The Two Sisters Store in Infinita has been renamed Angel Fae. Here’s the address:

Other locations are:

Farhaven Market:

Alqualonde the Swanhaven:

The Kingdom of Steelwood:

Rose and I are excited to be part of Unmask the Cure RFL Faire this year. It’s not here yet and we’re making clothes as fast as we can. Some items will be brand new for that faire.

All the best,