Angel Fae at Unmasking A Cure RFL Medieval Faire

Rose and I are thrilled to be at Unmasking A Cure RFL Medieval Faire. We have some favorites but we also have some brand new beautiful and fun things too. We have a Gotya machine in the faire and a Gotya machine in the Gotya Garden.  For this faire we have brought our most elegant gowns, nightgowns, dancer silks, and faery wear. Angel Fae Boutique is owned by faeries and we can’t help ourselves. Giggles.

2017 UACMF_official_poster

The event features two full sims loaded with plenty of entertainment and shopping, set in a beautifully lush medieval village.  Clothing, jewelry, weapons, furnishings and much more await you around every corner.
The faire, similar to a real world “Ren Faire”, offers medieval tournaments in jousting, swordplay, magic, archery, and horse racing.  There are over 80 merchants supporting Relay For Life, each featuring items that will be sold for 100% profit to Relay. On the entertainment front, a dozen live performers and many DJs are all donating their time and talents to Relay For Life.

Don’t miss this exciting month-long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, or enjoy live musicians and dj sets!  All for a good cause — to find a cure for cancer.

When Friday arrives, grab the pumpkin carriage below and let your imagination run wild and most of all, enjoy.  Come and enjoy yourselves for a great cause.
All the best, The Fae Sisters, Rose and Sorrell



Sales and Changes at Angel Fae

We will start with the sales. Sorrell has her bikinis up for 50L each, even the ones with the sarongs.  Here’s a peek at three of them. They are in mesh by made for mesh and classic avatars.

Blush Bikini

Pretty Pink String Bikini

In addition to Pink, there are Lemon, Lavender and Blue bikinis. More colors to come.

Golden Beauty Skirted Bikini

Some locations remain the same. Some have closed. Old World Designs closed. The Two Sisters Store in Infinita has been renamed Angel Fae. Here’s the address:

Other locations are:

Farhaven Market:

Alqualonde the Swanhaven:

The Kingdom of Steelwood:

Rose and I are excited to be part of Unmask the Cure RFL Faire this year. It’s not here yet and we’re making clothes as fast as we can. Some items will be brand new for that faire.

All the best,


Sorrell’s Pick: Hextraordinary

As I wander the grand lands of SL, I happened upon an extraordinary store of sheer magic. Hextraordinary features some fun items such a dragon pets, a phoenix, flying ponies, and so much more. It has to be seen.  A visit is mandatory.


Here I am with Emerald who I got while here. I’m admiring the Phoenix.


Truly a store to be experienced and where I always find surprises.  Don’t forget to go to the 2nd floor too.

All the Best,

This fae sister Sorrell

Last Few Days at Fantasy Cream Fair & Hunt – Come see Angel Fae

fantasy cream Poster july

The 18th is the very last day that all the lovely Fantasy Cream selected stores will be there with their features and their specials. Look for the pink bottle touching our booth. You will need that to find a prize. Look for the other pink bottles. Go there and be sure to VOTE!  Three voters are chosen to receive more prizes.

Booth at Fantasy Cream_001

All our best,

Rose and Sorrell, the fae sisters

Angel Fae’s Big News – 2 Fairs, Moving, and A Secret!

The Cherry Blossom Faire in Swanhaven is now open!

We have wonderful things here, Several are new.
3 things at 50% off – Gorgeous mesh gown Lady Rose, A 3 floor Two Sisters Tower house, and the elegant silk and lace Lady Grace dress in Mesh. The prices are so low.

Oh and there’s a secret about Lady Grace. I included the necklace and earrings and forgot to mention it on the board. Giggles.

The Two Sisters Tower! Special 50% Off!

Lady Grace in Mesh Special 50% off

Lady Rose Gown in Mesh Special 50% off

Still going strong is Fantasy Cream!

We carefully made different things for each faire. You will want to see the lace gown with Omega Appliers called White Rose. A favorite is the Mesh Gown Magic. These gowns have to be seen. Be sure to vote!

Closing soon will be the Angel Fae in Blue Moon enterprises and the Angel Fae in ElvenGlen.

Remaining Angel Fae Boutiques that are important to us are:
Angel Fae in New Caelestium

The Two Sisters Store in Infinita

Brand new and still in progress are:
Angel Fae at Alqualonde the Swanhaven

Angel Fae at WoRPG

All the best from the fae sisters,
Sorrell and Rose

Angel Fae’s Booth at Fantasy Cream

Booth at Fantasy Cream_001

Here’s how to get to Fantasy Cream. It’s a great fair!
Here’s how to get to Angel Fae Boutique in Rising Moon.

The 3 fun things about Fantasy Cream:

  1. Hint bottles for a hunt are spread around.
  2. Voting for your favorite among the Exclusives on the exclusive board.
  3. At the end, 3 voters are randomly chosen and they receive prizes. Woo hoo!
  4. You will find amazing things to buy at Fantasy Cream!

white rose sorrell 512x512-b

The Exclusive for Fantasy Cream is White Rose Gown. A white lace gown with gold trim, it’s for standard and mesh avatars coming both in standard and with Omega Appliers. Rose and I brought another gown with us – brand new – Magic.  It’s a beautiful medieval style gown beautifully embroidered.


Everything we brought with us is for standard and mesh avatars. Rose brought her brand new amazing Wedding lingerie.

Wedding Lingerie

And we each have brought out favorite belly dancing silks.


whitediamondsdancer oa

Come over! Have fun! Don’t forget to collect the hint bottles. Don’t forget to vote!  (Whispers: Vote for Angel’s Fae’s White Rose!)  The important thing is to have fun!

All the best,
Sorrell and Rose, the fae sisters